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Anthems that work well with SAB Choirs (Click on blue title to listen.)

Beloved, Let Us Love One Another – Lorenz 10/4529L Music Sample Pages SATB, but almost all two and three part.  This is intentionally simple and transparent.  If there is one central truth that I have learned in church, this is it.  

Come to the Water - Alfred  2 part: 19936         (SATB: 19935)  

Fill-a-Me-Up - with Spanish text Monarch SAB:10/3439M   (SATB: 10/2807)  In addition to adult choirs, this has been used with many youth choir and festivals.


Gather by the River to Pray – Lorenz 10/4047L view “Down to the River to Pray” is partnered with “Shall We Gather at the River” for a great piece for baptism or when celebrating our future life in heaven.

Give Us a Vision - Monarch 10/1149P

Give Us Peace - Glorysound A 7311 from PSALMS OF THE WOOD. (Click title to for text and recording.)

God of the Ages - Monarch 10/3659M (2 part mixed)  A very graceful, scripture packed anthem which assures us of God’s presence and forgiveness.

God’s Mercy is Wide –Monarch SAB: 10/3606M   (SATB:10/3605M)


I Gave My Love a Cherry (SATB:41605) (The Riddle Song)  This is a school arrangement of a beautiful folk song.  Years ago, I heard Doc Watson sing it and I was struck by its soulful simplicity. (SAB:41606, SSA:41697)  This is a gorgeous demo.  Also see “The Blessing Riddle”, a church piece with the same tune.

I Will Sing a Sunday Song - Alfred  SAB:19936   (SATB:19894)    

Is There Room for a Sinner - Alfred 20905 (SATB arr.) and 20906 (2 part mixed)    With a spiritual feel, this is a heart felt confession song.  It begins with the reflective question and ends with an up tempo celebration that there IS room for us all.

Like, I Like to Say Like - Heritage SATB:15/3134H  Music Sample Pages  SAB:15/3136H    SSA: 15/3135H  This is a humorous piece poking fun at the way we like, use the word, “like”. 

Music of the Morning - Alfred  SAB: 1053  (SATB: 19052)
        A smooth lyrical song for a call to worship.  (flute part)

My Shepherd is the Lord -  Glorysound  A 6956

Night of the Father’s Love – Lorenz SAB: 10/4579L Music Sample Pages    SATB: 10/3576L view a sample Originally from the cantata, “Together for Christmas”, this became the top bestselling anthem, then was the theme for my runaway bestselling cantata.  Here is a new SAB arrangement. 

Once Upon a Night - Flammer A 7132   With its sense of intimacy and rich harmonies, this would be a great piece to include in a Christmas musical, perhaps as the title song.  This could be done very effectively with guitar and flute accompaniment.

Once Upon a Tree - Glorysound A 6911

One Step He Leads - Glorysound A 7092    This song probably has received the most testimonials.  It use a light gospel style to carry the text, "One step he leads and one step I'll follow." Many have said how it brought them comfort and hope in great times of trouble.

Remember Me - Glorysound  A 7424  View a sample  The very gentle folk style creates an initmacy of communion.  The simplicity and charm of this anthem will draw the listener in to experience the true meaning of the Lord’s Supper. A part is available for violin (or C instrument).

Set My Spirit Free C 5960 View Sample   psalmist singing in a peaceful, serene style. The vocal lines are carefully and intentionally simple with understated phrases designed to draw the listener into worship. 

Silent Night for All the World – Fred Bock Music SAB: JG 2412 (SATB:JG 2399) (with optional accordion/synth, guitar and congas) view  This uses the text in English, German, Korean, Spanish and a bit of Swahili.  It finishes with a powerful message of peace.

Simeon's Blessing - Glorysound A 7298 I wrote this piece to present on Sundays after Christmas.  It always seems abrupt when we suddenly stop singing Christmas music.  Since the Sundays after Christmas are not our choir's high attendance times, I wrote this rather simply.  This anthem could also be included in a program which tells the Christmas story.

Soldiers of the Cross – Lorenz 10/3831L (SAB: 10/3831L)  

Teach Us to Pray - Glorysound A 6875

This Is the Time to Be Joyful – Hal Leonard HL 00125433  To make this sparkle with joy, I used a bright Baroque style.  This is to remind us that our worship services should be happy occasion.  This could support worship themes such as Advent, Easter, call to worship, and Christ the King.

Train Up a Child - Glorysound D 5454

We Say “Amen” - Exaltation 10/3328L

Wash Their Feet – Lorenz SAB: 10/4458L   (SATB:10/4475L)  Music Sample Pages From my cantata, Come Touch the Robe, this is a tender anthem telling the story of Jesus washing Peter’s feet.  It goes on to encourage us to do the same as we minister to the “humble and meek”.  Ideal for Holy Week services, it includes optional text that makes it appropriate for communion. SAB: 10/4458L.  Trax: 99/3264L. NOTE: The trax is not orchestrated, but is only piano and oboe.

Whisper a Prayer for Me - Glorysound A 7624  Inspired by words of my mother, this expresses encouragement and support as friends pray for each other.  This piece could support worship themes such as prayer, compassion, sending out of mission groups, farewell services or graduation Sunday.

Within These Walls – Monarch SAB: 10/3610M   (SATB:10/3609M) 


You Are Lord – Monarch 10/1283P (w/opt. Spanish text)


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