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Christmas Anthems

A Star – Lorenz 10/1048 Selected by CREATOR MAGAZINE as one of the best anthems of the 90’s.  This piece is a Christmas tradition in many churches.

Angels Are Making Their Rounds - 10/4230L Description: Description: Music  Description: Description: Sample Pages   A favorite anthem from my all-time bestselling Night of the Father’s Love

Bethlehem Procession - Glorysound A 7526   As the men begin with the drum-like, “Come, O come...,” the women soar with a lyrical line which beckons the listener to join the procession to see the Christ child.  The piece builds to a joyous call to “come, see the shining light,” then gradually fades into the distance.  You can almost feel the procession as it goes by.   The optional bongos, tambourine and finger cymbals will make this anthem especially dramatic.  A perfect piece to begin a program or to help tell the story of the wise men (Epiphany).

The Christmas Gift - Beckenhorst (NEW IN 2004) The piece begins with the congregation singing a nice hymn text to the tune of "The Holly and the Ivy"  Their words talk about giving gifts to each other to celebrate Christ's birthday.  Then as a surprise, a soloist plays the role of Jesus and asks, "You celebrate my birthday... What is your gift to me?"  Then, there is a dialogue that mirrors the Biblical text of Jesus' discussion with His disciples that ends: "When you do it unto the least of these, you do it unto me."  The piece encourages the listener to minister to those in need as a Christmas gift to Christ.  A very

Christmas Hallelujah - Monarch 10/2817M

Children of Light - Hal Leonard

Christ the Lord - Glorysound  A 7387 (view score) One of my favorite anthems though it was not a “hit”. This worshipful anthem reflects on how the Christ’s name was first announced.  It then calls the listener to praise Jesus as the Christ..  Smooth and contemplative, each verse ends with a smooth soaring line carrying the text, “Jesus, Saviour, Christ, the Lord”.

Christmas Joy - Glorysound A 7016

Come Emmanuel! – Lorenz 10/4173L  (SAB: 10/4174)  view From vibrant anticipation to a dramatic call, this is a fresh way to begin Advent.  My favorite part is the surprise ending.  From my new cantata, Lead Me Back to Bethlehem.

Comfort and Joy - Alfred

Fall on Your Knees – Lorenz 10/4105L (SAB: 10/4151L)  From the bestselling cantata, Night of the Father’s Love. I set out just to try to make it as gorgeous as I could manage.  Very powerful!


Free Us, Emmanuel! – Lorenz  10/4569L  I'm always looking for a way to connect the story

with the listeners' personal life experience.  “Free us from the heavy chains of our sin and our sadness and body of pain!”

Give Us Peace-Glorysound A 7311 from PSALMS OF THE WOOD. (Click title to for text and recording.)

Glory Is A-Coming Our Way – Lorenz 10/3714L

Glory to God in the Highest Heaven 10/4693L Music  Sample Pages With optional rhythm. From the cantata, ONE SILENT NIGHT, this is a spirited call-and-response folk style.  Many will know the music from my “Fill-a-Me-Up”.  

Goin' On Up to Bethlehem- Alfred  My choir had a blast singing this rocking Christmas spiritual.  "Why do you stand there wasting time? We are going on up to Bethlehem."  (Available in SATB and SAB).

Heavenly Star 10/4276L from Heaven's Child. Description: Description: MusicDescription: Description: Sample Pages

The Heavens Are Telling – Monarch Musical

Heaven's Song Glorysound  A 7245 This is from my choral album entitled, PSALMS OF THE WOOD. It is a collection of my choral music accompanied by folk instruments and keyboards.  Often, I hear people talk about a need for greater spirituality; to really feel connected to God. This is true even in the secular realm, for there is much discussion about spirituality. “Heaven’s Song” expresses that need in every human heart.

I Hear the Prophet Callin’ - Lorenz 10/3751L  View sample

Joyful Celebration - Alfred 16442

Listen to the Silence - Shawnee

Little Bitty Babe in a Manger – Lorenz 10/4561L  Lorenz SAB: 10/4579L  Music Sample Pages  Beginning with a child soloist, this brings to light the identity of Christ.

Mary and Elizabeth – Shawnee This first appeared in my Christmas musical, “Once Upon a Night”. Some have said this is one of my best pieces. Two soloists assume the roles of Mary and Elizabeth which melds into a final triumph, “My soul magnifies the Lord”.

Night of the Father’s Love – Lorenz 10/3576L view a sample  AThis was the #1 bestseller for Lorenz.  It inspired the musical of the same name that was the #1 bestseller of all traditional cantatas.  More info is at the top of this page.  It is also arranged for handbells : 20/1497L 

Once Upon a Night - Flammer A 7132 With its sense of intimacy and rich harmonies, this would be a great piece to include in a Christmas musical, perhaps as the title song.  This could be done very effectively with guitar and flute accompaniment.

People Who Walk in Darkness, The  – Lorenz 10/3174   (TTBB: 10/3175M)  This song is also in I Hear the Prophet Callin’, where it is orchestrated.




Pray for a Miracle – Shawnee A 7939


Raise the Christmas HallelujahShawnee A 7947

Rejoice with Joy to the World –Lorenz 10/4554L Music Sample Pages A medley with a Celtic flair.

Runnin' Down to Bethlehem - Glorysound A7425  I loved listening to cajun music at a giant folk festival in NC.   I wanted to try my hand at the style and thought the shepherds would provide the perfect subject.  Cajun music has an earthy quality and the shepherds were certainly strong, earthy kind of men.  This is a boisterous song of celebration that has parts for optional accordian and rhythm section.

Seeking the King – Lorenz 10/4029L  (SAB:10/4029L) This has orchestration and accompaniment CD

Silent Night for All the World – Fred Bock Music JG2399 (SAB: JG2 412)  This blends the traditional carol text in six languages with a  powerful peace message at the end.  This is easily learned.  No singer needs to learn the text in more than one foreign language.  This is a great program closer.  I envision three groups singing from different sides of the room and then processing to join at the front during the English verse and solo.

Simeon's Blessing - Glorysound A 7298 I wrote this piece to present on Sundays after Christmas.  It always seems abrupt when we suddenly stop singing Christmas music.  Since the Sundays after Christmas are not our choir's high attendance times, I wrote this rather simply.  This anthem could also be included in a program which tells the Christmas story.

Star of Advent – Lorenz 10/3991L  (SAB: 10/3992L)  This is a remake of “A Star” with new accompaniment and orchestration.  This has a part-dominant rehearsal CD, plus orchestration and accompaniment CD

Timeless Song  - Glorysound A 7327  from PSALMS OF THE WOOD. (Click title to for text and recording.)

The Twelve Days of Christmas Praise - Glorysound A 7207

We Say “Amen” – Exaltation 10/3328L

With Open Hearts, We Are Waiting – Lorenz 10/444L  Music Sample Pages

Who is This Babe of Bethlehem - Glorysound A 6872

You Are Lord - Lorenz 10/1283P   This now appears in my Christmas cantata, Lead Me Back to Bethlehem.  It is a very straightforward, heartfelt anthem of praise.


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