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These were written for or have been used successfully with school and community groups:

Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All)    SATB: 15/3207H and SSA: 15/3208H  Music Sample Pages  “Though evil and hate seem strong, still love conquers all.  Very reflective and understated.   


Blessed Are the Peacemakers – Shawnee A 7949 (drum part transcribed by Harold Green)


Create a Rhythm – Lorenz 15/3001H  See the Music  For school and community groups.  HIGH on the cool factor. With an African beat, the music and text focuses on the touch of creation that in all of nature and in every human heart. Listen for the rainstorm in the middle verse.  Parts for cabasa, congas, djembe, and marimba (30/2930H)


Fill-a-Me-Up - with Spanish text Monarch SAB:10/3439M   (SATB: 10/2807)  In addition to adult choirs, this has been used with many youth choir and festivals.

Give Us Peace-Glorysound A 7311 from PSALMS OF THE WOOD. (Click title to for text and recording.)

I Gave My Love a Cherry – Alfred (SATB:41605) (The Riddle Song)  This is a school arrangement of a beautiful folk song.  Years ago, I heard Doc Watson sing it and I was struck by its soulful simplicity. (SAB:41606, SSA:41697)  This is a gorgeous demo.  Also see “The Blessing Riddle”, a church piece with the same tune.

If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking -Heritage (school and community) 15/2035H

Lay Up Your Treasures – Lorenz 10/1461M (new TTBB: 10/3766)  My assignment was to write a stewardship piece - not an easy subject.  So I went to the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew. This has appeared in the American Choral Director’s National Convention reading session.

Like, I Like to Say Like – Heritage SATB:15/3134H  Music Sample Pages  SAB:15/3136H    SSA: 15/3135H  This is a humorous piece poking fun at the way we like, use the word, “like”. 

Look Up, Way Down – Alfred 00-31171 (2pt: 00-31173)   (SAB:00-31172)

Silent Night for All the World – Fred Bock Music  SATB: HL08750130.  view  A warm closing for choir programs.  This uses the text in English, German, Korean, Spanish and a bit of Swahili.  It finishes with a powerful message of peace.I’ve had some powerful testimonials for this one.   SAB: HL 08751665.  Score and Parts: Hl 08750131 (with optional accordion/synth, guitar and congas)


You Are Wonderfully Made – Lorenz 10/4379L Music Sample Pages  The 2nd verse says, “Remember that you’re a child of God, part of God’s creation. So when you feel that you are weak and flawed, remember that you’re a child of God.”


You Will Reap What You Sow – Lorenz 15/2868H  A cappella piece for school and community groups.  After releasing the church version, Reap What You Sow, some teachers said that their students needed to hear this lesson and asked me to write a text appropriate for schools.

Walk a Mile (arr. by Mark Hayes) - Alfred 19319



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