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Welcome to my store. In most cases,I mail these recordings TODAY OR TOMORROW (except for accomp.trax). Please encourage your friends to help musicians share their music by "buying, not burning" copies of CDs.

You may order online or send checks to: Pepper Choplin, 8605 Lakewood Dr., Raleigh, NC  27613

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Brand New!


Might as Well Laugh than Cry

Fourteen of my most requested songs.  Finally “Christmas Play” is available!  “My Dog Ate My Bible” is brand new, but is said to be my funniest.

I’m presently getting this in the store.

CD $14.95          Best Buy



Hold On

A solo recording of Pepper's  most requested inspirational songs. Favorites include: Care for the Ones, Heaven in Her Eyes, One Step He Leads, Whisper a Prayer. 

CD $14.95              Best Buy


Pepper Is My Real Name

A collection of humorous songs for all ages.  Adults love it, but kids play it over and over.

CD $14.95               Best Buy


Together for Christmas
A musical designed to minister to all the different emotions of the season through the hope, peace, love and joy of Christ.


CD $14.95                       Best Buy

Preview pack: CD and book 

(one per church)  $16.95    Best Buy



Once Upon a Night
This is a prequel to my bestselling Easter musical, Once Upon a Tree. 

CD $14.95             Best Buy

Accomp. CD $75    Best Buy


The Music of Pepper Choplin

The Music of Pepper Choplin
Some of my best choral work, published by Shawnee Press. Twenty-one songs with accompaniment ranging from piano to full orchestra.

CD $14.95            Best Buy


We Were There

We Were There

 My choral musical with monologues from those at the cross. (CD comes in clear case as shown.)

CD $14.95          Best Buy


Once Upon a Tree
(studio version with full orchestra)

CD $14.95           Best Buy

Cassette $6.95      Best Buy

Accomp. CD $75  Best Buy


Psalms of the Wood

A collection of my best choral music accompanied by folk instruments and keyboards.

CD $14.95         Best Buy

Cassette $6.95    Best Buy


Once Upon a Tree
(Premiere with piano accomp.)

Hear the excitement and emotional power of the premiere, conducted by the composer.

CD  $9.95           Best Buy

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