Little Drop of Heaven - Lorenz 10/5341L view A general anthem that works well for the Advent season. Based on the verse, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Sweet Are the Prayers of a Friend - Beckenhorst BP2155  Inspired by a prayer meeting in my church. Very moving. "Friends pray for healing. They pray revealing all the burdens of our souls."

Tiny Miracle – Lorenz 10/4894L NEW SATB/a cappella with optional small percussion View music.

Bethlehem Procession - Glorysound A 7526   As the men begin with the drum-like, “Come, O come...,” the women soar with a lyrical line which beckons the listener to join the procession to see the Christ child.  The piece builds to a joyous call to “come, see the shining light,” then gradually fades into the distance.  You can almost feel the procession as it goes by.   The optional bongos, tambourine and finger cymbals will make this anthem especially dramatic.  A perfect piece to begin a program or to help tell the story of the wise men (Epiphany).

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow 10/4214L view This is so fun to sing. It’s a message from the Sermon on the Mount that we all need to hear. A cappella with optional percussion and ukulele or guitar. My choir helped me insert a little joke on the very last measure. Accomp CD: 99/2970

Down to the Water to Pray – Glorysound A 7681 “Down to the River to Pray”

Fill-a-Me-Up - Monarch 10/2807M(New SAB with Spanish text: 10/3439M) This has an African/spiritual feel and includes optional percussion that really makes it cook.  This has already received a great response in churches AND schools. Performance/Accomp CD: 99/1717M  Need a Christmas piece?  Compare “Glory to God in the Highest Heaven” below.

Give Us Peace-Glorysound A 7311 from my CD PSALMS OF THE WOOD.  This can be sung with or without piano.

Gloriacapella - Lorenz 10/5185L  A cool, fresh way to tell the shepherds' story. The voice sections combine to create an ostinato of "Gloria" as the soloist recalls the event. Some choir will choose to sing it with piano doubling. If so, there is an alternate title.

Glory to God in the Highest Heaven - 10/4693L   view This has accompaniment, even orchestration, but it was first an a cappella anthem.  From the cantata, ONE SILENT NIGHT, this is a spirited call-and-response folk style.  Many will know the music from my “Fill-a-Me-Up”.  

Hem of Your Robe – Alfred A bestseller! Inspired by a passage from Matthew 14: 35-36, this is an original spiritual, sung a cappella with optional shaker

Hold On to the Rock – Lorenz 10/4568L  view  TTBB: 10/5377L A very spirited Gospel a cappella. “It doesn’t take a mighty earthquake to shake the ground you stand on.” This ministers to us all as we experience our own personal “quakes”.

How Long? - Lorenz 10/4172L One of the most asked questions of faith.  The verses begin, “How long ‘til this world is free from suffering?” “Press on, let faith and hope sustain you.” “Send me until the love of heaven will descend and peace will reign again.”  Perfect for the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

I'm Going Home - Glorysound (NEW IN 2004)   This boisterous Sacred Harp hymn was used in the movie, Cold Mountain. This arrangement puts the hymn into a very vibrant SATB form.  Our choir has a blast singing this.

Jazz Hosanna - Fred Bock Music BG2303  Really cool and creative.  This works well with piano and guitar.  You can leave off the last measure. 

Lay Up Your Treasures – Lorenz 10/1461M (new TTBB: 10/3766)  My assignment was to write a stewardship piece - not an easy subject.  So I went to the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew. This has appeared in the American Choral Director’s National Convention reading session.

Let All the People Say Amen – Monarch 10/3611M

Lord Have Mercy – Lorenz 10/4093 view  A cappella written straight from the heart.  A prayer for others who are in need with each verse ending,   “Lord have mercy on me.” With optional stomps and claps. 

People Who Walk in Darkness – Monarch 10/3174  This is also included in the cantata, I HEAR THE PROPHET CALLING

Rejoice in the Hope – Church Street Press (SSATTB) More challenging a cappella, commissioned by the Gary Bonner Singers

Reap What You Sow – Lorenz 10/4048L view A cool reflective a cappella: “What you plant in love will surely bloom and the fruit of the Spirit will come back to you.”

Row Together to the Kingdom - Alfred 23693 A cappella.

Spin the Wheel Toward  - Lorenz 10/4690L  view With OPTIONAL piano accompaniment. I was inspired to write this as I was going on a long bike ride. “Sometimes life seems all uphill, but through the power of faith, I will press on.”  The rhythm is meant to inspire us to hopeful perseverance.

To God Be the Glory – Hal Leonard 35028660 a cappella Listen |View This drives forward with ostinato and echo effects for a celebrative worship anthem.

Upon This Rock – Lorenz 10/3906L  During its first year, this was the bestseller of all Lorenz releases.

Waitin’ for the Mornin’ – Lorenz 10/4481L view   Though this has accompaniment, it is designed to also work as a cappella piece.  Written in a soulful spiritual style, this may be sung with or without the piano.  Of course it’s appropriate for Holy Week or even as an intro to Easter.  However, this will offer hope year round to those who are walking through times of personal darkness.

Walking Cross the Sea– Monarch 10/3513M (TTBB also available) This has a slow rocking spiritual feel. This has piano, rhythm section and Gospel organ, but it works perfectly as an a cappella piece.

We Are Not Alone Shawnee A 7924

We Fall Down – Lorenz 10/3928L Accomp CD and rhythm parts available, though this works as an acappella piece.

We're Gonna Worship Christ the King - 10/4245L    view  In a call and response spiritual style. Very fun, singable a cappella

You Will Reap What You Sow – Lorenz 15/2868H   view  A cappella piece for school and community groups.  After releasing the church version, Reap What You Sow, (see above) some teachers said that their students needed to hear this lesson and asked me to write a text appropriate for schools.