Anthems with Orchestra

For some recordings, Real Audio needed

For some recordings, Real Audio needed

A Holy Sacrifice - Glorysound A7414

Be Strong – Hal Leonard HL 35030307 This has a great orchestration.  So many people need to hear this message. This really drives to a dramatic ending. (Click the youtube icon for full screen.)

Beyond All We Could Imagine – Shawnee 35029919    This is the kind of piece that every church wants to sing for its anniversary, visioning process or stewardship emphasis.  Based strong on Ephesians 3:14-17, it is a strong, heartfelt call to claim God’s promise for the future. (full orchestration available) (Click youtube icon for full screen.)

Celebrate the Day - Beckenhorst BP2087 

Christ Is Our Brother – Shawnee HL 35003536  From the Easter musical WE WERE THERE

Christ Lives On - Monarch 10/3229M See the music.

 Come Emmanuel! – Lorenz 10/4173L  (SAB: 10/4174)  view From vibrant anticipation to a dramatic call, this is a fresh way to begin Advent.  My favorite part is the surprise ending.  From my new cantata, Lead Me Back to Bethlehem. 

The Coming of the Lord - Lorenz 10/4923 View music. From the bestselling cantata, NIGHT OF THE FATHER'S LOVE.

 Do This and Remember Me - Glorysound  HL 8062064 This first appeared in ONCE UPON A TREE. Approaches the Lord’s Supper as Jesus’ farewell to his disciples.


Fall on Your Knees – Lorenz 10/4105L (SAB: 10/4151L)  From the bestselling cantata, Night of the Father’s LoveI set out just to try to make it as gorgeous as I could manage.  Very powerful!

Father, Forgive Them - Shawnee A 7082 See the Music   From my bestselling Once Upon a Tree.

Feast of the Lord – Glorysound (view score) Many times we like to do communion in a celebratory way.  The anthem has a broad folk feel with a 6/8 meter.  Very smooth, yet sparkling and joyous.

Fly Away Home (Look and Listen) - Lorenz 10/4691L

For the Beauty of the Earth – Glorysound  HL 35007117   This uses the orignal tune with a contrasting “B” section.  The anthem has a very pastoral mood as the accompaniment flows with smooth triplets.  From the recording, “Psalms of the Wood”.

Forever God’s Love Endures – Hope C 5941 (with optional cello) preview This anthem will help your congregation experience the certainty of God's eternal love, based on Psalm 118 - a text often used on Palm Sunday. The smooth, linear flow supports the theme of love, and a children's choir would be a natural addition to sing the simple chorus or verses, especially if used for Mother's Day. The addition of "Joyful, Joyful" near the end lends itself to everyone joining together. 

Free Us, Emmanuel! – Lorenz  10/4569L view I'm always looking for a way to connect the story with the listeners' personal life experience.  “Free us from the heavy chains of our sin and our sadness and body of pain!”

 Fruit of the Spirit 10/4213L  view  This anthem weaves all the fruits into a musical tree.  It is a very distinctive approach to this familiar scripture from Galatians.

 Gather by the River to Pray – Lorenz 10/4047L view “Down to the River to Pray” is partnered with “Shall We Gather at the River” for a great piece for baptism or when celebrating our future life in heaven.

Give Me a Song - Alfred11537  This was one of the most significant musical experiences I've had.  It was written to honor a couple who had served their church's music ministry. Three days before their recognition service, the woman died suddenly and the song was premiered instead at her funeral. The text was so appropriate as it spoke of giving our lives to the praise and worship of God.

Give Us a Vision - Monarch 10/1149P

Give Us Peace - Glorysound A 7311  from PSALMS OF THE WOOD.

Giving Thanks - Hope C 6065 

Glory in the Lord – Hinshaw HMC 2071 A full bodied anthem with a contemporary feel. view sample  Orchestration is available: HMC 2071A  

Glory Is A-Coming Our Way – Lorenz 10/3714L

Glory to God in the Highest Heaven - Lorenz 10/4693L   view This has accompaniment, even orchestration, but it was first an a cappella anthem.  From the cantata, ONE SILENT NIGHT, this is a spirited call-and-response folk style.  Many will know the music from my “Fill-a-Me-Up”.  

Guilty of Innocence - Hal Leonard 35008629 This first appeared in ONCE UPON A TREE.

He Is Alive! Lorenz 10/4999L  view music Full of joyous, driving energy and perfect for Easter morning worship, this anthem by Pepper Choplin powerfully celebrates the resurrection. The syncopated melody is well supported by the piano, and the optional brass quartet adds a layer of exhilaration to the message that Jesus is alive!

Heaven’s Choir – Lorenz 10/3867  Every time I direct this, it just seems to roar.   One verse says, “When lift our voices to heaven…, we prepare for the day when we join all heaven’s praise with an audience of one.”   The other verse is strong statement of unity in the church.

 Heavenly Star 10/4276L from Heaven's Child   

Holy Sacrifice, A - Glorysound A7414   See the Music  This was written to celebrate the anniversary of Lewis Phillips and his selfless service as Minister of Music at First Baptist Church, Mocksville, NC. The song is a prayer that the offering of our lives and our song will be made holy and acceptable to God.  It has the mood of a worship chorus.

Hosanna in the Streets – Lorenz 10/4059L (SAB:10/4060L See music   This conveys the excitement and the tension of the crowd as Jesus rode through the Jerusalem streets. There are opportunities for soloists in this anthem and the option of using trumpet and percussion or full orchestra for accompaniment. Questions from the people are answered with shouts of affirmation in this perfect choice for Palm Sunday. From the cantata "Come, Touch the Robe".  Tpt and perc: 30/2652L. Orch:30/2651L. Trax: 99/2802L

How Great Is the Lord - Lorenz 10/5250L - Rhythmic and worshipful, this could be a strong multi-generational anthem with the optional children’s choir. the chorus features a strong melodic hook optional children’s choir a delightful addition.

I Hear the Prophet Callin’ - Lorenz single anthem 10/3751L  View sample

I Hear the Prophet Callin’ – Lorenz Christmas musical    65/2005L (SAB: 65/2006L)


(Click "youtube" icon for full screen)

If God Is For Us - Hal Leonard


King of Suffering – Lorenz 10/4351L   From my cantata, Come Walk with Me, this builds through the experience of the cross, toward the dramatic conclusion, “It is finished”.

Lay His Body Down 10/4207L   view  Using the folk melody, this is a poignant way to end the scene at the cross. This will work with any choir with at least three people!  If you like this, you may want to see the musical 

 Let Your Kingdom Come - Hal Leonard 00156817 

Listen to the Silence of Night – Shawnee HL 35012951 From Once Upon a Night.

Little Bitty Babe in a Manger – Lorenz 10/4561L  Beginning with a child soloist, this brings to light the identity of Christ.  From the cantata, Images of Adoration.      

Live a Life of Praise - Glorysound A 7109  See the Music  Written for a man who gave many years as a church pianist, this anthem includes the hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy”. The additional text celebrates the giving of ones life to worship leadership.  It has been used in music conferences and would be good for music week or musician appreciation.


Mary and Elizabeth – Shawnee This first appeared in my Christmas musical, “Once Upon a Night”. Some have said this is one of my best pieces. Two soloists assume the roles of Mary and Elizabeth which melds into a final triumph, “My soul magnifies the Lord”.

Messiah Has Come, The – Lorenz 10/3390M view

 Mighty Good to Praise the Lord – Lorenz 10/3593M

 My Eyes Have Seen the Glory Glorysound 35014786  Using the familiar phrase, this song is a witness to God’s presence in the worlds: the wonder of creation, the love of a man and wife, the beauty of the child, etc.

Night of the Father’s Love – Lorenz 10/3576L view a sample  SAB: 10/4579L  his was the #1 bestseller for Lorenz.  It inspired the musical of the same name that was the #1 bestseller of all traditional cantatas.  More canata info is at the top of this page. It is also arranged for handbells : 20/1497L  

 O Sacred Journey - Lorenz 55/1197L This walks through the crucifixion story, using “O Sacred Head” with new texts. Ends with a dramatic, “When I Survey”. Great for holy week services.

Once Upon a Night - Flammer A 7132 With its sense of intimacy and rich harmonies, this would be a great piece to include in a Christmas musical, perhaps as the title song.  This could be done very effectively with guitar and flute accompaniment.

Once Upon a Tree  Shawnee A 6911  One of my best all time sellers. Inspired a full cantata which continues to sell well.

People Who Walk in Darkness, The  – Lorenz 10/3174   (TTBB: 10/3175M)  This song is also in I Hear the Prophet Callin’, where it is orchestrated.

Raise the Christmas Hallelujah  – Shawnee A 7947 See the Music  This is from ONCE UPON A NIGHT. A dynamic celebration in 6/8. Orchestration and accomp. CD is available.

 Rejoice in the Hope – Church Street Press (SSATTB) More challenging a cappella, commissioned by the Gary Bonner Singers

Rejoice with Joy to the World –Lorenz 10/4554L  view A medley with a Celtic flair.

Rise Up! Get Ready! - Lorenz 10/4740L - Energetic Advent. 

Runnin' Down to Bethlehem - Glorysound A7425  I loved listening to cajun music at a giant folk festival in NC.   I wanted to try my hand at the style and thought the shepherds would provide the perfect subject.  Cajun music has an earthy quality and the shepherds were certainly strong, earthy kind of men.  This is a boisterous song of celebration that has parts for optional accordian and rhythm section.

Seeking the King – Lorenz 10/4029L  (SAB:10/4029L) This has orchestration and an accompaniment CD

Silent Night for All the World – Fred Bock Music JG2399 (SAB: JG2 412) (with optional accordion/synth, guitar and congas) view  This uses the text in English, German, Korean, Spanish and a bit of Swahili.  It finishes with a powerful message of peace.

Simeon’s Blessing - Glorysound A 7298 See the Music   I wrote this piece to present on Sundays after Christmas.  It always seems abrupt when we suddenly stop singing Christmas music.  Since the Sundays after Christmas are not our choir's high attendance times, I wrote this rather simply.  This anthem could also be included in a program which tells the Christmas story. Orchestration is available as part of the cantata, ONCE UPON A NIGHT.

Soldiers of the Cross – Lorenz 10/3831L (SAB: 10/3832L) Click Here to View  From my Easter musical, COME TOUCH THE ROBE.  Accompaniment CD, part dominant practice CD and orchestration available.

Song of the Saints - Harold Flammer A 7606  This is one of my favorite texts.  It is written from the point of view of those who have gone on to heaven.  Written in a majestic 3/4 meter, the song is a triumphant reassurance of our eternal life in Christ. With brass accompaniment.

Star of Advent – Lorenz 10/3991L  (SAB: 10/3992L)  This is a remake of “A Star” with new accompaniment and orchestration.  This has a part-dominant rehearsal CD, plus orchestration and accompaniment CD

  Surely This Was the Son of God – Shawnee HL 35022219 Orchestration part of cantata, WE WERE THERE.

This Is My Beloved Son - Exaltation 10/3475L  View sample

This Is My Word - Shawnee A 7325  This is still one of my bestseller.  It has been sung by several state music director groups.  This is also on my solo CD, Hold On.  I have a TTBB arrangement too.

Those Who Sow the Peace   Shawnee A 7854 Commissioned by the Gary Bonner Singers.  Full orchestration is available from the composer.

Tiny Miracle – Lorenz 10/4894L SATB/a cappella with optional small percussion View music.

Twelve Days of Christmas Praise, The - Glorysound A 7207 See the Music  pThis has been used in some larger pageants and singing Christmas trees.  A unique way to connect with your listeners and lead them to praise.

Upon This Rock – Lorenz 10/3906L   (SAB: 10/4728L View ) Orchestration part of cantata, Upon This Rock.

Waiting – Lorenz 10/3595M  scripture and music sequence for Waiting and 1 Samuel 3 Orchestration part of cantata, Night of the Father’s Love.

Waitin’ for the Mornin’ – Lorenz 10/4481L view   Though this has accompaniment, it is designed to also work as a cappella piece.  Written in a soulful spiritual style, this may be sung with or without the piano.  Of course it’s appropriate for Holy Week or even as an intro to Easter.  However, this will offer hope year round to those who are walking through times of personal darkness. Orchestration part of cantata, Come to the Cross.

Wake Up, Church, Wake Up - Lorenz 10/3048M  I got this idea on the way back from a late concert.  It begins quietly with the marking, "A bit too sweetly".  Then it explodes in arousing call to wake up the church.  The final chorus includes the spiritual, "Rise and Shine" (...and give God the glory, glory) Brass and rhythm available.

Walk a Mile – (arr. Mark Hayes)  Alfred 19319

Walking Cross the Sea– Lorenz 10/3513M (TTBB: 10/3514M) This has a slow rocking spiritual feel. With rhythm section and Gospel organ.

Wash Their Feet – Lorenz 10/4475L     From my cantata, Come Touch the Robe, this is a tender anthem telling the story of Jesus washing Peter’s feet.  It goes on to encourage us to do the same as we minister to the “humble and meek”.  Ideal for Holy Week services, it includes optional text that makes it appropriate for communion. SAB: 10/4458L.  Trax: 99/3264L.

We Are Not Alone Shawnee A 7924    This is one of my most enduring pieces.  There are several youtube renditions.  Orch. part of cantata, Our Father.

We Say Amen - Exaltation 10/3328L  See the music. Orch. part of cantata, Together for Christmas.

Well Done, My Faithful Servant - Exaltation 10/3617L

What Man Is This? - Lorenz 55/1197L This ties together Christ’s birth with His death in this anthem from "The Body of Christ". Usually heard at Christmas, the tune, Greensleeves” carries new lyrics to highlight Christ's sacrifice. A perfect choice for Holy Week.

With Open Hearts, We Are Waiting – Lorenz 10/444L Orchestration part of cantata, The Heart of Christmas. 

Within These Walls – Lorenz 10/3609M (SAB: 10/3610M) Former number: 10/26045P 

Worthy Is the Lamb – Lorenz   SATB: 10/3959    SAB: 10/3959L  View  Accomp. CD and Part Dominant CD available. From the cantata, Come Touch the Robe.

Yes Lord -  Glorysound This is a high energy, contemporary gospel number.  "Yes is our answer.  What's your question gonna be?"  Our pastor told the story of visiting a church in which the pastor came to the pulpit and started praying over and over, "Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord."  The congregation began singing the same phrase with their own improvised tunes.  After a bit, the pastor motioned for the singing to cease and then said, "Lord, that is our answer, now what is your question?"  I fashioned this chorus and had the congregation sing it at the end of that service.  The verses include the stories of Samuel and Jesus' disciples who said "yes" to the Lord.

You Are Lord - Lorenz 10/1283P   This appears in my Christmas cantata, Lead Me Back to Bethlehem.  It is a very straightforward, heartfelt anthem of praise.

 You Are the Christ – Hinshaw HMC2180A view sample (Brass/handbells: HMC2180A)