Thanksgiving Theme

Blessings Abound - Lorenz 10/4738 Great for Thanksgiving or general

Blessings Over Me – Alfred 00-32266

Come All Believers - Lorenz 10/3465L   See the Music  Composed in a sturdy sacred harp-style, this is a celebration of God's entire family. In a day when lives are so compartmentalized, the timely message reminds us that all are to "come together, joined as one in grateful praise".

For the Beauty of the Earth – Glorysound  HL 35007117   This uses the orignal tune with a contrasting “B” section.  The anthem has a very pastoral mood as the accompaniment flows with smooth triplets.  From the recording, “Psalms of the Wood”.

Giving Thanks - Hope C 6065  Optional a cappella. Includes piano and percussion accompaniment.

Hear Your People Singing - Alfred17933  See the Music   "Hear your people singing, 'We thank you'".The choir teaches this line to the congregation who sings it in response.This song has a reverent chorus feel. It would be especially useful in a church that wishes to incorporate contemporary elements. There are FOUR options for texts: general, communion, thanksgiving and Pentecost. With this flexibility, your congregation could sing it at many times during the year.

I Bring a Heart of the Thanks – Lorenz 10/4157L View sample.  I was well into writing this piece when I felt that it need something to make it come alive.  At the same time, I was watching “Sing Off” and thought that a few vocal effects would really bring add energy.   Use the “doots” and the “background singer” parts to give the piece extra drive and excitement.  This could also be done a cappella.

 Lord of All Time – Hal Leonard HL 35027926  Built on the Ecclesiastes text, this piece is good for thanksgiving, graduations and memorial services.  Notice that it’s mostly SAB.  The demo is true to my marking, but I ended up taking it faster with my choir.

Peace Will Fill the Grateful Heart  - Shawnee

Reasons to Thank You – Lorenz 10/4382    A joyful song of thanksgiving with a Gospel drive. Including a brief reference to “For the Beauty”this piece calls the listener to thank the Lord with “all your mind, heart and soul.

Thanks for Giving - Lorenz 10/4903L NEW View music

Time to Thank the Lord - Glorysound  This is a light hearted Cajun style piece that has a very strong message:  If you've got enough time to moan and whine and talk about all your troubles, then that's a sign that you've got enough time to come and thank the Lord.  Near the end, the congregation is encouraged to join with the chorus of the old Gospel, "Count Your Blessings.

We Bring Thanksgiving - Lorenz 10/4237L   The original title was “We Are Blessed Again”.  The thesis is though thanksgiving is to be directed to God, we are blessed and uplifted when we consider all we have to be thankful for.  I love the tune,  “Simple Gifts”, but I feared to use it unless it was incorporated in a unique way.  So I paired it with “Now Thank We All Our God” as a partner song arrangement.  

We Come to Say Thank You – Lorenz 10/4658    This has been a #1 seller for Lorenz.  Light hearted and easily learned, this includes the text of “For the Beauty of the Earth”.  Congas or other rhythm will add to this piece. 

You Supply My Every Breath – Lorenz 2906M  (See the musicThis has a cool jazz feel which matched the sense of comfort and gratitude I felt as I wrote this piece.  Though it is a humble tribute of praise and thanksgiving, it also reminds those who are suffering that God is "there through every test".