How Great Is the Lord - Lorenz 10/5250L - Rhythmic and worshipful, this could be a strong multi-generational anthem with the optional children’s choir. the chorus features a strong melodic hook optional children’s choir a delightful addition.

O Sacred Journey - Lorenz 55/1197L This walks through the crucifixion story, using “O Sacred Head” with new texts. Ends with a dramatic, “When I Survey”. Great for holy week services.

What Man Is This? - Lorenz 55/1197L This ties together Christ’s birth with His death in this anthem from "The Body of Christ". Usually heard at Christmas, the tune, Greensleeves” carries new lyrics to highlight Christ's sacrifice. A perfect choice for Holy Week.

Sweet Are the Prayers of a Friend - Beckenhorst BP2155  Inspired by a prayer meeting in my church. Very moving. "Friends pray for healing. They pray revealing all the burdens of our souls."

Day to Sing Hosanna - Lorenz 10/5115L Really fun. Not just for Palm Sunday. A ¾ time piece with stomps and handclaps, it has a cool swaying motion. I think it’s best to clap on beats 2 AND 3 after the singing begins. It's easy to have the congregation to join on the clapping sections.

God Hears Our Song - HL 35031827 This celebrates music's role in worship and then involves the congregation by singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy". Gently contemporary, congregations of every worship style will resonate with its musical and theological themes. 

God Will Open a Door - Lorenz 10/5134L I've often heard people talk about God opening a door and thought I'd give them a way to sing it. Note the "opening" theme as the voice parts echo to communicate the opening of the door.

He Is Alive! Lorenz 10/4999L  Full of joyous, driving energy and perfect for Easter morning worship, this anthem by Pepper Choplin powerfully celebrates the resurrection. The syncopated melody is well supported by the piano, and the optional brass quartet adds a layer of exhilaration to the message that Jesus is alive

My Song for Life - Hal Leonard 35032181 Includes "Jesus Loves Me". Good for service themes of children, senior adults, teacher appreciation and recruitment. Here's the first verse:   "When I was just a child, I was surrounded by - the people who loved me. And they taught me a song, and when I sang along, I knew Jesus loves me. A simple song of faith, It taught I could pray to the one who was strong.This was my song for life."