Heard in My Choir Rehearsals

We just found a list of things I said in choir rehearsal, though I don't remember any of these. My wife, Heather started writing them down:
“Men, that note should sound like a B, not a B-52.”
“That was like a snow globe you made for your mom in Bible school -except without the glitter. Let's add the glitter.
"Sing a beautiful whisper."
"Sing those eighths like a telegraph."
“That has a glove compartment sound. Let’s sing out instead.”
“Sopranos, to hit those basement notes, you have to go down the steps and turn on the light.”
“When I do this, (gesturing to sing) do something!” 
“Sounds like a steel plane. We want a balsa plane.”
“When I hear that note, I’m thinking ‘so close, but no cigar.’”
“Sing that again without the “Don Ho effect”.” 
“Sing each note like you’re getting cold-nosed by a dog.”