Hold On: Songs of Encouragement

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Hold On: Songs of Encouragement

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I hope this recording will encourage and inspire you in whatever life situation you find yourself.  These are a collection of most requested songs from my solo concerts.

I did all the lead vocals for this project.  Unless designated, I played piano with some great studios musicians: 
                                        Dan Davis on drums and Jackson Russell on bass, keyboards and guitar.

Hold On
     So many have been deeply touched by this song.  Sometimes we prosper, sometimes we grow, other times we must simply “hold on.”

One Step He Leads
     Some music directors say that it is their congregation's favorite song to sing.  A great song of faith and encouragement.

Hello, Little One
     A true story, written while we were expecting our third child, Deanna Faith Choplin.  We learned that Deanna was on her way on September 10, 2001.

Care for the Ones Who Care
     After performing “Heaven in Her Eyes” for the first time, a woman came up and said that she related to the song because she worked in a home for special kids.  I decided then that there needed to be a song for those who quietly care for those in need.  This has an easy, reassuring jazz feel.  So many have expressed that it describes what they are going through.

You Supply My Every Breath*     Accompanied by band with brass and singers 
     This song came in moment of quiet thanksgiving and praise.  It reflects on the blessings of the Lord.

Heaven in Her Eyes  by Pepper Choplin and Phil Timp 
     Phil Timp is a good friend who speaks to groups about his daughter, Beth who has Rett’s Syndrome.  The song was written to capsulize his experience at the end of his speeches.  Some parents of children with special needs say that it expresses their experience better than anything they've heard.  An uplifting song!

I’m Gonna Sing All the Way to Heaven* 
    This is an up-tempo Gospel number as we rehearse for the ultimate choir in heaven.

Yes Lord*     Accompanied by band with brass and singers 
     "Yes is the answer.  What's your question going to be?"

This Is My Word*   Accompanied by full orchestra 
    The choral arrangement of this song has received an overwhelming response.  It is very uplifting and reminds us of God's promises as we are faithful to the Word.

Lord, Work a Miracle* 
    This reflects on the miracles of Jesus and the ultimate miracle of grace: "Lord work a miracle in me."

Fill-a-me-up*   Accompanied by choir and percussion

Whisper a Prayer*   Voice and piano 
    As she would say good bye, my mother would often say, “I’ll say a little prayer for you”.  And so I dedicate this to her.

An asterisk (*) indicates there is a choral arrangement of the song.  See my anthems page for more information.