Might As Well Laugh Than Cry

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Might as Well Laugh CD pic.JPG

Might As Well Laugh Than Cry

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1 White Boy Blues 
 This was inspired while trying to teach a choir a syncopated spiritual.

2 I’ll Fermata You 
A country song written in musical lingo.

3 Cheatin’ on My Mind 
 I let you guess until you get the CD.

4 Hawaiian Orthodontist
About the many professionals whose lifestyles I support.

5 Meet Me in the Choir Loft
For anyone who has ever herded cats.

6 Solitary Church of One 
The story of one man finding a church home.

7 Nature Song 
This was inspired on my front porch.  I’m not sure why people think it’s so funny.

8 And the Glory (conducting lesson) 
A demonstration of how I led a struggling choir to sing Handel’s great masterwork.

9 Christmas Play
People have requested this recording for years.  You might as well laugh when EVERYTHING goes wrong.

10 My Dog Ate My Bible
Not a song, but a sermonette.  Some say this is the funniest thing I’ve done.

10 Bad, Bad Billy Goat
People so loved “Milk Cow” from Pepper Is My Real Name, I wrote another barnyard hit.

11 Hospital Dignity
Hilarious to anyone who has enjoyed the comforts and fashion of a hospital.  Healthcare folks love it too.

12 My Nose Is Whistling
An odd song based on a poem inspired in the middle of the night by real life circumstances.

13 God Bless the Church 
From years of serving the kingdom with too many kings… might as well laugh than cry!