Pepper Is My Real Name (humorous)

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Pepper Is My Real Name (humorous)

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This is a collection of my most requested songs, plus some brand new ones.   The songs joke about everything from raising kids to directing choirs to singing in the shower.  Styles include country, jazz, Cajun, disco and foxtrot.  The second half of the CD was recorded with a VERY live audience.

1 All My Rowdy Kids 
 Our idea of a good time changes as we get older, ESPECIALLY after we have kids.

2 Sometimes It's Hard to Sing in Choir 
I won't tell you the real title.  Let's just say I felt bad after writing a few songs poking fun at choir members.  This one makes fun of the one behind the stand.

3 I Drove My Brother Crazy 
 As a kid, my love of music and my ability to imitate instruments were a dangerous combination.  Anyone who has ever shared the backseat with asibling will love this song.

4 It Ain’t Easy 
People think being a choir director is all fame and fortune with the prestige, the high salaries and the stock options.  This song tells the other side of the story.

5 Land of the Minivan 
I began this song as I took my daughters to school one morning.  When I pulled into the parking lot, I joined a line of minivans that stretched as far as the eye could see.

6 Teenage Driving Blues 
Ever notice that parents suddenly look a lot older when their kids start driving?

7 Milk Cow 
This song is as old as disco itself.  Though we were never discovered, my friend, Roy White and I had a summer job playing at Carowinds, a theme park in Charlotte, NC.  This was our signature song which caused crowds to slow almost to a trot on their way to the rollercoaster.  Kids and teens LOVE this song.

8 Pepper Is My Real Name 
People always ask two questions at my concerts.  This song answers the first.  To the second, I always reply, “How old do you THINK I am?

The following songs were recorded live at Music in the Mountains, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, August 10, 2000.

9 B-A-B-Y 
This is another song I wrote at Carowinds.  The spelling song is the true test of a songwriters craft.

10 Shower Sing 
I really did begin “writing” this song in the shower.  The style is a cross between Neil Diamond and Slim Whitman.

11 Ukelele Baby 
This was the first time I performed this song in public and I was very concerned that it was just too dumb.  A guy on the sixth row added to the challenge, but ultimately made the song a hilarious event.

12 William Tell Overture (Nose Whistle) 
Because this song would damage my professional image, I decided to cut this song from the CD.  My apologies to those who might have receive a copy where it is mistakenly included.

13 The Choir That I Conduct... 
 Well, the real title gives away the joke.  It's about a choir that considers their director's instructions as merely suggestions.